Hamilton 'overwhelmed' after victory

If you are constantly having it rubbed in by the media that your main rival is invincible, then it is all the more gratifying when you eventually beat him.

Lewis Hamilton was correspondingly relieved after his victory in Shanghai, which put a stop to Sebastian Vettel's winning streak.
"I'm absolutely overwhelmed," he said. "It feels like a long time since I've been sitting here. I will continue to push and am looking forward to many more victories like this."

This was after a less than auspicious start for the McLaren driver, as a fuel leak threatened to prevent him reaching the starting grid in time. "I wouldn't say that I was worried. We knew we still had six minutes, and luckily, when we were down to two, everything went back together again quite quickly."

Hamilton knew that the best thing he could do at the time was to keep quiet, as this would have a calming effect on everyone working in the garage.

"They were making the car fit for the track, that's all that mattered."

High on Hamilton's own agenda is that McLaren now step up the pressure on the development front, as the deficit in qualifying is still enormous.

"There is a long road ahead of us. We're working very hard to close the gap. In race terms, we're comparable, but in qualifying, we still have a lot of work to do."
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