Racy bikini photo-shoot ends university race team's hopes

A university racing team has been suspended after images of one of the team posing in a bikini next to their car appeared online.

Now half-naked women and racing cars is a combination as old as the hills but for Waterloo University in Canada, it's clearly something that has no place in a modern engineering department.
The woman involved is a member of the Formula SAE race team, which each year builds a race car, and which was due to race the car at an event in Michigan in May. However, those plans have now been scuppered as the suspension runs until 1 June.

The university has criticised the image, which for legal reasons you'll have to see here, calling it 'inappropriate and denigrating' although the reason for the team's ban was actually because the photoshoot held on university property was 'unauthorised'.

Dr. Steve Lambert, the team's faculty advisor, defended the photos, saying, "One of the bitter ironies of the present situation is that the photo-shoot was intended to promote women. It was part of an entry into a calendar competition to promote university women with a combination of beauty and intelligence, with some of the proceeds directed to the Canadian Cancer Society.

"While on the one hand it is a very powerful and positive message - that this student felt comfortable enough in our team environment to celebrate her femininity in such a fashion - they failed to fully appreciate the ease with which these photos could be taken out of context."

Was this a storm in a tea cup or has the University done the right thing? Let us know your thoughts below.
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