Nicolas Sarkozy imposes flight ban over Carla's Riviera holiday home

Now that's what we call a protective husband! French President Nicolas Sarkozy has used his power to impose a flight ban over wife Carla Bruni's Riviera retreat to protect their privacy.

His decree bans planes from flying below 3,000 feet above the holiday home.

Pilots who flout the ban will face fines of up to 40,000 euros or six months in prison, according to the Telegraph.

The ban kicks off from 8 April through to 26 April while the president and his wife are on Easter vacation at the beachside residence in Cap-Negre, Lavandou; the President, however, is not expected to stay the full time.

This isn't the first such move made by Sarkozy.

In 2008 a no-fly zone was imposed over Cap Negre that coincided with the couple's wedding.

And, last summer, the Sarkozys angered locals by closing down beaches and a coastal path in the Lavandou area near St Tropez during a vacation. Residents and vacationers were told the closures were due to falling rocks.

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