Vettel: Still a long way to go

Sebastian Vettel has just completed a pole hat-trick, so his next target is three victories on the trot. Autoblog UK managed to catch up with him.

Sebastian, seven tenths of a second lead – how do you keep doing it?It's a combination of car and driver. I think we've had a good weekend so far: no problems and excellent preparation. We found our rhythm right from the start. I felt good on the track and the car was nicely set up. Even so, we still managed to make significant improvements overnight. All in all, it was a good day. Once we line up tomorrow and the lights go out overhead, today's lap times won't count for anything.

Do you feel a little sorry for your team-mate Mark Webber with all his technical problems?
Yes, it's a pity, because ultimately we are one team and we go through thick and thin together. Mark has had some bad luck. It's not been the easiest weekend for him; he had a few problems yesterday, and then this morning, specifically with KERS. It's a shame that we won't have both cars on the front row, but as I said, the race is tomorrow.

Now you have to fend off the challenge of the two McLarens...
And everyone else behind. You never know how good your start is going to be. It's always a long way to the finish line. Generally speaking, the race is won not at the start but only when you see the chequered flag.

Why did you remain seated in your car for such a long time after qualifying?
The reason is quite simple: the rules have changed slightly this year and the weight distribution is prescribed to some extent. The FIA have the option to check this out, but only if the driver is sitting in the car. Normally, you have to wait for the thumbs-up before you can get out. Perhaps I didn't see them do it the first time, so then I stayed in my seat for safety reasons.
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