Button: Vettel was unbeatable

Briefly during qualifying in Shanghai, Jenson Button nursed hopes of securing pole position but soon realised that in all likelihood nothing could be done to upset Sebastian Vettel and so had to be content with second place.

"In the heat of the moment, you always hope pole is on the cards, but Sebastian's and Red Bull's pace in Q3 was phenomenal," Button said.
"It still looked a distinct possibility in Q2, which is why I tried two sets of tyres during Q3 to give it my best shot. But I saw Seb's time and thought to myself, well, we're just going to have to settle for second place.

"We don't know what Vettel's pace in the race will be like. If he's a second quicker, then we'll not catch him. If he's four tenths faster and we've got KERS, then it's a possibility. We'll just have to wait and see tomorrow."

Mindful of the short distance down to turn one, Button thinks his chances at the start are few, even if for some reason Vettel doesn't have KERS.

"I'm fairly certain they've got KERS, but they're quick anyway during the race. Don't forget Malaysia. For a long time during the race, they didn't have KERS, but his pace was very good nevertheless."

Although the gap between Red Bull and McLaren is still fairly large at the moment, Button thinks that his team can draw closer in the course of the season to become real challengers.
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