Sorry Dad I smashed your supercar

We'd love to be a fly on the wall when the 20-year old driver who crashed this Gumpert Apollo explains to his father how he came to crash his £275,000, 225mph supercar.

He lost control of the rear-wheel drive car on a sharp bend near the German town of Brokdorf, 50 miles north of Hamburg. In the resulting hi-speed smash, parts were sent flying from the Apollo's body with the driver's gullwing door landing 30m away.

Thankfully, the driver and his 19-year old passenger got out of the wreckage with only minor injuries.

Sadly the car wasn't so lucky and it looks to be a total write-off as only the passenger cabin remained intact - so bring on the expensive insurance claim.

On top of the likely pain inflicted by the father, it looks like the driver won't escape the long arm of the law either, as the Police are investigating whether the Gumpert was going too fast on the 50mph road.

The Gumpert Apollo accelerates to 60mph in less than three-seconds, see what the Stig made of it when he took it round the Top Gear test below.

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