Revealed! The weirdest check-in items (including a dead cow)

Ruth Doherty

Virgin Atlantic has released a list of the strangest items passengers have attempted to bring on flights - including a dead cow, a tarantula, and a bathtub.

The airline surveyed its check-in staff at 32 airports around the world and came back with the bizarre but true findings.

Coconut trees, giant wheels of cheese, and more were among the off-the-wall items passengers tried to get on board.

One passenger at Delhi airport even tried to bring on a bag of cutlery he had previously stolen from a Virgin Atlantic flight.

The airline says another woman once turned up at the check-in desk with a bathtub she had asked family members to carry in to the airport.

Passengers checking in at Grenada Airport tried to take a bag of soil and coconut trees back home, while another couple who began their romance on the Caribbean island allegedly tried to bring back a bag full of sand and sea water as a souvenir.

At New York's JFK Airport, a woman tried to sneak on a pet tarantula hidden in her coat, while another brought a dead cow wrapped in plastic.

Greg Dawson, Virgin Atlantic's director of corporate communications, said: 'Our check-in staff see thousands of passengers on a daily basis but every now and then, a passenger will arrive at check-in with something you would never expect.'

He's not kidding!

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