Celebrate spring - with some DIY!

Caroline Cassidy

The long Easter weekend provides the perfect opportunity to do a few of those decorating and DIY projects you've been putting off. Just remember to get the equipment, materials and tools in before the bank holiday or you'll end up spending much of the weekend caught in the inevitable rush for the store!

DIY for Easter bank holiday
DIY for Easter bank holiday

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Now is a good time to do a spot of painting. Not only does paint and plaster dry quicker with the warmer weather, but a lick of paint can wash away those winter blues and brighten up your home. All of a sudden those yellows, tinted whites and muted greens seem more appealing than the deep, warm hues of winter.

If you're unsure about colours, try taking a favourite cushion, a curtain or piece of artwork to the DIY store and get them to make up a colour to match. Paint isn't just for walls - sand and paint wooden furniture, doors and shelves in an accent colour to bring a real designer feel to your home.

Putting up shelves is one of the simplest of DIY tasks. It can also make the biggest impact in terms of storage and space management. Try some staggered shelving, it looks unusual and makes a great focal point with candles and vases.

If your walls aren't in the best condition, consider adding wood panelling (either full or half way up the wall). It's easier than you might think, as many stores sell tongue-and-groove panels already made up in sheets.

Should the sun be kind and shine on us, it can also be a good time to refresh the woodwork - a warm weekend means you can happily take doors off their hinges, sand down and re-stain or paint without worrying about the cold.

Similarly, windows can be left open to dry and you won't find yourself choking on paint fumes!

Since Easter provides four full days off, it might be worth tackling the bathroom too. Though your suite may be in shiny good health, all too often cracked tiles and stained grout let the room down. The confident DIY-er should be able to re-tile the area over the course of the weekend... but be sure to hire a decent tile cutter or the job will be longer and harder than necessary.

Are you planning on doing some DIY over the long weekend - or would you rather put your feet up and have a rest? Leave a comment below...