Button would like V10 engines back in F1

Jenson Button would prefer F1 added more horse power rather than switch to 'green' 4-cylinder engines in 2013.

Ross Brawn revealed last weekend that "a lot of debate" is raging behind the scenes at the moment as Bernie Ecclestone pushes to repeal the FIA's incoming small turbo formula.
World champion Sebastian Vettel admitted recently that he would like to see KERS technology leave F1, to be replaced with the "brutal" V12 engines of the past.

"Most of us drivers would like the V10 engines back," 2009 world champion Button told the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

"It was just so incredible to hear that roar of 20,000 rpm. In 2004 or 2005, the noise was really impressive. That's in the past, although the V8 also sounds good."

Briton Button admitted, however, that F1 needs to evolve for the future.

"F1 is becoming greener and that's the way to go so we can keep going for many years," he said.
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