New race inspired Caterham Seven revealed

If, like many, you're a frustrated racer, Caterham has launched the perfect car for you – the Seven Supersport.

Being the first new addition to the Seven line up in two years, the Supersport promises some lightweight, heroic fun. The Supersport is based on the race prepped cars that take part in the Caterham Academy race series and adds some pretty cool tweaks.

It's powered by a 1.6-litre Ford Sigma engine and produces 140bhp. It's mated a to five-speed gearbox with 'sprint' ratios and a lightweight flywheel, limited-slip differential and competition spec suspension.If that sounds good, wait for the rest of the standard toys: CR500 Avon tyres, 13" wheels, uprated dampers and springs, stiffer anti-roll bars, change up lights on the dash, four-point harnesses and composite seats.

All that means it weighs a mere 520kgs, so it'll reach 60mph in 4.9seconds and get to 120mph pretty quickly. 234bhp/tonne isn't bad either...

Should that take your fancy you can build your own for £19,995 or have one built for you (by people who know what they're doing) for £22,995.
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