Video: Brazil breaks record with tallest Lego tower in the world

Katy Holland

Nearly 6,000 Lego lovers have gathered in in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to help build the largest Lego tower in the world. Scroll down to see video.

A total of 500,000 Lego bricks were stacked up by the crowd, who were mainly children.

With the help of a crane, the tower was built to a record-breaking height of 102ft and 3 inches, beating the previous record set in Chile last year.

It took four days to build and was held in place by wire supports to prevent it from toppling over in the wind.

The first Lego tower was built in London in 1988. Since then Toronto, Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo and Munich have been among the cities which have held the title.

In 2008, Britain held the title for the tallest Lego tower, when thousands of families descended on Legoland Windsor to make a Lego structure which stood at nearly 100 feet high (pictured).

See the video below for the new record breaker!

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