Clarkson offered £1m to be the voice of adultery

Whilst insisting that an alleged affair with a TV production assistant never happened, Jeremy Clarkson may still be able to make some capital out of the whole affair that's refusing to go away.

Most celebrities end up on the receiving end of a proverbial tongue-lashing from the media - and probably their humiliated partner - when they're caught with their pants down but not the Top Gear presenter. Instead he's reportedly been offered £1 million to act as spokesman for the Ashley Madison dating site.

A quick look at the site - in the name or research, of course - will demonstrate that Ashley Madison isn't your run-of-the-mill dating site. Selling itself as 'the world's premier discreet dating service' its motto reads 'Life is short. Have an affair'.

It's not difficult to work out what you're dealing with here but whether or not Clarkson is the right person to represent nigh on nine million 'discreet' members is a moot point.

A spokesperson (we assume it wasn't Jezza) for Ashley Madison told The Guardian: "What he has or hasn't allegedly done isn't important, he has made discreet adultery a major talking point."

Although it must be stressed that Clarkson and the lady in question are denying the alleged affair, we're not sure that being a 'major talking point' is entirely consistent with the concept of discretion.
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