Airline apologises for kicking 6ft 9 man off flight for being too tall

A 6ft 9in man, who was asked to leave a flight when his legs blocked up the plane aisle, has received an apology from the airline that evicted him.

The man was travelling with Horizon Air from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, California, when he was asked to leave the flight and his request to be reseated in a roomier location was refused.

After the incident, the man's stepdaughter complained to the blog Consumerist and the airline responded with an apology.

According to the stepdaugher: 'Horizon personally apologised to my stepfather and offered him a free flight! He's very pleased with the result.'

Marianne Lindsey, a spokesperson for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, told the Daily Mail: 'You have probably heard this on flights: everything must be clear of the aisle, for safety and security.

'The man was blocking the aisle, so flight attendants removed him from the aircraft. This was a mistake; they should not have done that.

'What they should have done is ask passengers in exit or bulkhead rows to give up their seats. That would have provided him a little more leg room.

'We have apologized to the passenger for not handling this well, and we have compensated him the price of his ticket.'

The man knew his large frame would be an issue and had asked Horizon Air for a seat with extra room in advance. But he says the airline's agents refused to reseat him.

According to Lindsey, the airline is now working to train personnel to better accommodate taller people, 'so they know the right thing to do.'

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