Video: a fast ride with the Mitsubishi Evo

A couple of months ago we showed a video of the Driving Sports team thrashing a BMW 135i in the wet. Well, they've carried on the good form and this time turned their attentions to the former world rally great, the Mitsubishi Evo.

There had been rumours that the legendary Evo will soon be no more but it seems Mitsubishi are not quite ready to axe the car that rally legend Tommi Makinen took to four successive World Rally Championship driver's titles and one constructor's crown.

Ryan Douthit gets behind the wheel of the latest incarnation of the Evo, the X, and canes it around what looks like the North Yorkshire moors but is in fact the Maryhill Loops in Washington State, USA. Whatever the location it's a great ride. Enjoy.
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