The Ferrari book that's more expensive than a Ferrari

Are you a car-loving billionaire looking for a bit of light reading for your holiday jaunt? No? Perhaps the world's most expensive book won't interest you then.

The official Ferrari Opus book will come in various editions, the priciest being a diamond-encrusted number that will set you back £170,000.
The Diamante version, as it is called, has a prancing horse on the cover covered in 30-carat diamonds and is limited to one copy per country.

For those on a budget, the entry-level version is a snip at £2,000 and comes signed by F1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.

The Enzo version sells for £20,000 (not available in all good bookstores), is limited to 400 copies and is signed by all living Ferrari world champions.

The book is 852 pages long and contains 2,000 photos and a thorough history of all of Ferrari's road and race cars.

It won't be the easiest book to sit and read by the fire either, weighing in at 32kg.

Click below to watch a short video of the wallet-busting tome.

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