BMW X5 is most popular car with thieves

BMW's X5 is not only popular with the nation's footballers, it is also rather beloved by thieves, as it has been named as the most stolen car of 2010.

The German SUV retains its rather dubious title from 2009, and is followed closely by the Range Rover and another BMW – the M3.
Vehicle security experts Tracker compiled the list from all the cars it recovered in 2010, and the top ten is dominated by expensive and high-powered machinery.

The Audi RS4 was the fourth most pinched vehicle, followed by the TT. A trio of Mercedes – the SL, CLK and the ML SUV sit at six, seven and 10 in the list, with the Porsche 911 taking eight place.

Perhaps the only surprise is the inclusion of the Volkswagen Golf in the list, which pops up at number nine.

"The VW Golf is an interesting new entry at number nine, proving that it's not just owners of prestige vehicles who need to take note," said Tracker managing director Stephen Doran.

"In fact, 65 per cent of the vehicles we recovered in 2010 were worth £25k or less with just 6 per cent being worth £50k to £100k."

Beyond the Golfs, there were some other more affordable cars stolen, with a Peugeot 406 and a Ford Sierra also named as victims of theft. The most expensive cars recovered were a Mercedes Benz CL63 AMG at £120,000 and a Bentley GTC at £130,000.

Stephen Doran continued, "These figures show that all car owners are a target for thieves. And with 84 per cent of all the cars we recovered last year being stolen using the keys, we remind every car owner to keep their keys safe at all times."
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