Tesla versus Top Gear - the war of words continues

The Tesla versus Top Gear spat gets weirder by the day, and Jeremy Clarkson hasn't even opened his mouth yet.

Top Gear producer Andy Wilman wrote a blog post on the TG website this week lambasting Tesla's apparent media exploitation of the legal battle and Tesla has already hit back with a statement of its own.
The dispute centres on whether the BBC programme portrayed Tesla's electric sports car fairly in its 2008 feature. Tesla claims that scripts criticising the car were already "lying around on set" even as it was being tested.

Wilman said in his blog post that normal policy is to acknowledge legal action and say no more, but wanted to make his views public in this instant because "the other side are being quite noisy with their views on how we conduct ourselves".

He said that Top Gear was accidentally copied in on an email from Tesla to the makers of The One Show asking if they would like to speak to a spokesman. It added: "The presenters could have some fun with this. Matt and Alex could even take the Tesla for a spin and test it out, reaffirming its virtues?"

The Tesla statement, posted on its website, is entitled 'How We See It' and responds to Wilman's claims: "Top Gear has been re-broadcasting lies about the Roadster for years, yet are uncomfortable with Tesla helping journalists set the record straight about the Roadster's revolutionary technology."

The EV manufacturer complained to the BBC after the initial broadcast of the show, but has since decided to take legal action, objecting to Top Gear repeats being shown on Dave with the offending feature still in them.

You can read the Top Gear blog post here and the Tesla statement here and try and make up your own mind - if only Harry Hill was here and it could all be settled with a proper fight.
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