The cost of the 'perfect' holiday? £6,000

Caroline Cassidy

Just because finances might prevent many of us from taking a foreign holiday this year, it doesn't mean we can't dream of warmer climes.

Cost of family holidays
Cost of family holidays

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Turning those dreams into reality though, is a costly business and a new survey has revealed just how pricey our ideal holiday can be.

The poll by found most families would need to save up more than £6,000 in order to take their perfect vacation.

Two weeks in July is the most desirable time of year to take a break and temperatures of 27C are essential for the majority of holidaymakers. Sun, sea and sand remains the most popular ideal while direct access to a beach and a safe pool for the children is also a must.

Travel plays its part too - the perfect location is no more or less than a five-hour flight away and the villa or hotel must be just 22 miles from the airport so that we can make the most of the short time away.

With these factors in place, Brits can relax into at least four days lounging by the pool with a further four spent on the beach, while a spot of water sports and swimming is a must for many.

Day trips should account for another four days out of the 14 but at least two should be kept free for splashing the cash on a shopping trip.

As lovely as that all sounds, however, the perfect holiday dents the wallet to such an extent that just 51 per cent of the families surveyed could actually afford it.

Back to dreaming then...

Where would your perfect holiday be and, more to the point, can you afford it? Let us know below...