Toyota issues national hybrid MPG challenge

Manufacturers' fuel economy figures can be up there with the winning national lottery numbers in terms of achievability, but with fuel prices a hot topic, driving down fuel consumption is a priority.

Enter Toyota then, which is not only confident drivers can match its official consumption for the Prius and Auris hybrids, but it has also set up a nationwide competition for motorists to challenge the figures.
Local Toyota dealerships will host a set driving route with a time limit. A Top Gear-style leader board will then be kept and prizes offered to the best numbers achieved at each location.

The competition will run throughout April and May, coinciding with an ad campaign promoting Toyota's hybrid technology, including the forthcoming Prius Plus MPV and Yaris hybrid supermini models revealed at the Geneva motor show in March.

The official consumption figures for the Prius and Auris hybrids are 72.4mpg and 74.3mpg respectively, which Toyota says have been significantly bettered in independent economy drive tests.
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