Paddock Gossip from Melbourne

Sebastian Vettel has a new girl-friend - well, just at the track, you understand: he's begun calling his Red Bull racing car 'Kinky Kylie'. Let Seb himself explain: "She's got a tasty rear, is a smooth mover and looks stunning. I hope she's going to be fast and furious too." What name would you give an F1 car?

All is revealed: In Melbourne, Sebastian Vettel swapped the track for a sheep farm, where he had a go at sheep shearing. "I just wanted to see what one would look like without its top coat," joked the world champion. Let's hope the sheep weren't too upset...

Former Formula One driver Christian Danner met HRT team principal Colin Kolles at Munich airport. Big problem: Kolles' hand luggage was too heavy at 54kg. It contained the car's ballast weights! In the end, the team manager had to help out, and Kolles even put one bit inside his jacket... Danner: "It was just like old times. I've often flown to races carrying car parts!"

Nick Heidfeld may be one of the smallest and daintiest of F1 drivers, but he put on a good show at Renault's PR bash playing Australian Football. However, he had one or two problems for the group photo; he couldn't get his arms around the shoulders of the huge football stars....

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