27-litre Rover SD1 packs 600bhp punch

It's Mothering Sunday, so why not some more weird car video? Practical Performance Car contributor Charlie Broomfield was looking for something to challenge to his engineering and fabrication skills.

This revealed itself in the form of a sheddy, donated 1981 Rover SD-1, to which he decided to fit £1,000 of 27-litre Rolls Royce Meteor engine from a tank.
The Rover now boasts a 160mph top speed at just 2,000 rpm, 600bhp with a massive 1,500 pounds wall of torque. Not much is left of the Longbridge lovely except the exterior panels, but he hasn't given up yet as he'll only consider the project finished when he cracks the 200mph in the 24-cylinder beastie.

Enjoy the video below.

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