Train fares set to rise four times faster than wages next year

Ruth Doherty

Commuters are in for a shock next year as rail fares are set to soar four times faster than wages, new statistics show.

According to the Office for Budget Responsibility average earnings will rise by 2.2%, while commuters face shelling out an extra 8% for rail travel, with some operator set to hike prices up by 13%.

Recent studies show average earnings are down 5% since the recession began - and some season tickets now cost a quarter of the average salary.

Alexandra Woodsworth, of the Campaign for Better Transport, told The Sun: 'With the cost of the commute an increasingly heavy burden, there's a real danger some people won't be able to afford to get to work.'

Meanwhile train frequencies will almost double to some towns if the London-Birmingham high-speed link goes ahead, it was revealed yesterday.

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