Dog becomes surrogate mum to abandoned tiger cubs in China zoo

Ruth Doherty

A zoo in China has recruited a local pet dog to be a surrogate mother for two newborn tiger cubs abandoned by their mother.

The two adorable cubs were born on 27 March at Hefei Zoo in eastern China's Anhui Province but were rejected by their mother Dong Dong.

According to a keeper, nine-year-old Dong Dong has given birth to a number of cubs but has been unable to act as a mother to any of them.

This time the zoo were unaware that Dong Dong was pregnant until a keeper arrived one morning to discover the two newborn cubs in the cage.

They said: 'It was a really dangerous scene. One cub was pressed under her body, and the other was thrown far away.'

The cubs were immediately separated from Dong Dong and a substitute mother was found in the form of a local pet pooch.

That gives 'rescue dog' a whole new meaning...

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