Asda sells fuel at huge discount in decimal point error

Several lucky motorists got an unexpectedly cheap tank of fuel recently after staff at an Asda filling station mistakenly put a decimal point in the wrong place in the price.

Instead of paying £1.29 a litre, around 50 motorists filled up for just 12.9p a litre.
Queues began to form at the supermarket petrol station in Rooley Lane in Bradford after word spread about the fault on the automatic card-payment pumps.

According to some reports, some motorists were filling portable tanks with petrol as well as brimming their vehicles. The incident led to the police attending to find out what was happening.

A spokeswoman for Asda confirmed about 50 cars had benefited from the error and said: "For a couple of hours some lucky customers got some petrol at the wrong price at our Rooley Lane store."

The mistake was said to be down to human error, and took place between 10.30pm on Wednesday night and 12.20am Thursday morning.

The lower price would see a full tank of fuel in a Ford Mondeo cost just £9.03, rather than £90.30.
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