Insurance company to report bad drivers to their parents

An online insurance company is set to let worried parents check up on their children's driving by installing a black box recorder into their offspring's car.

Young Marmalade, which specialises in selling and leasing cars to newly qualified drivers, claims to offer a competitive rate for motorists that install the system, and sends a letter to their parents should they misbehave.
The recorder tracks the car's acceleration, braking and cornering speed and if drivers behave themselves while driving and stay within the 'green zone' then they will be left alone until renewal time.

However, if the driver misbehaves then they get a written warning, and so will their parents. Get two warnings in a month and the driver's insurance costs could rocket by as much as £400. If they continue to not respond to the training and advice then the driver could lose their insurance altogether.

The black box will also allow the driver (and their parents) to check how and when the car has been driven on a website, and will alert them to any areas that need addressing - driving when tired or carrying lots of passengers for example.

Young Marmalade says that trials have shown that the system encourages less aggressive driving.

"It's not big brother; we're not just monitoring people, we are encouraging them to drive more safely," Marmalade managing director, Crispin Moger, told The Telegraph.
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