Video: French 'Spiderman' climbs world's tallest building

A French climber dubbed 'Spiderman' has scaled the 828m heights of the world's tallest tower: the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Hundreds of onlookers cheered as Alain Robert waved to the crowd after reaching the top, having made it past the tapered spire that extends beyond the top floors of the building.

Alain, who has climbed more than 70 towers worldwide, used ropes and a harness for the daunting climb, while an ambulance and stretched remained ominously parked at the building's base.

The climb took six hours, with spotlights being used as darkness fell.

Although Robert has climbed the Empire State Building in New York and Taiwan's Taipei 101, he said that the Burj Khalifa was his greatest challenge yet.

Robert, who sports a Spiderman costume during his climbs, usually works without a safety harness, relying on bare hands and sturdy footing.

But the organisers of the Dubai climb insisted he wear a rope and harness this time around.
'The problem in Dubai is the hot weather (of) up to 40 degrees,' he said.

'My biggest fear is to waste my time on earth. For me, climbing is as important as eating and breathing. Climbing skyscrapers is my lifetime love and passion.'

And how did he prepare for the climb of his life? He stayed in a Dubai hotel beforehand, doing push-ups, pull-ups and stretches, and loading up on carb-filled foods such as pasta in a room overlooking the building he was set to conquer.

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