It shouldn't happen to a road tester

What's the worst thing that could happen to a Motoring Journalist on a first drive? Well crashing or damaging the car has to rate the highest.

I've been lucky enough in my career not to have done this, but that feeling of terror must be amplified by 1000, when you crash or damage a seriously expensive car such as a Ferrari.
Well, Ferrari held first drives for its exciting new FF four-seater this week, with sadly no invite for Autoblog, (guess it must have got lost in the post!) and we wonder whether Car Magazine's Jethro Bovingdon has recovered from the embarrassment of turning two of his FF test car's alloys banana-shaped after a bit of careless acceleration.

What makes it worse is that Bovingdon was doing a piece to camera at the time and Car Magazine have released the footage, so we can all see the cringeworthy but hilarious moment when first drives go bad!

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