Vettel: "Things couldn't have gone better"

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel tells Autoblog UK he had been keen to notch up his first Australian victory but had by no means been counting on it.
The race could not have gone any better today, could it?
Sebastian Vettel: "That's right; things couldn't have gone any better. Everything went perfectly from start to finish. This is my first Australian victory. But winning any race is always a fantastic experience. I'm happy for the team and for myself."

Were you expecting to win?
Sebastian Vettel: "You always have hopes, but expectations are relative. I think you need to tackle things step by step. You never know what will happen - especially not after this winter. With the new tyres, no-one knew what to expect."

What does today's victory mean to you?
Sebastian Vettel: "The race here is something quite special, the atmosphere and the people here are great. Mark is obviously the local hero, but even playing second fiddle, I still like it here. I will take this positive feeling with me to the next race in Malaysia."

What have you learned today?
Sebastian Vettel: "Today I learned a lot; not just one specific thing, but several. I now have to collect my thoughts and talk to the team. There are a lot things we have to consider for the next race and incorporate into our thinking."
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