Too cute: baby polar bears make their debut

Katy Holland

Visitors to Nuremberg Zoo in Germany got a real treat this week when two gorgeous baby polar bears celebrated their first outing.

The debut was very timely: the public is still in mourning the death of the world's favourite polar bear, Knut, who died suddenly and unexpectedly last week at Berlin Zoological Gardens.

Doctors have since determined that brain damage may have been a contributing factor.

Visitors were certainly cheered up by Gregor and Aleut, who couldn't wait to chill out in the zoo's pond, which has been especially cooled to create an Arctic Circle environment.

They stayed outside for three hours as people watched them play and swim.

The cubs already weigh 45 lbs - and will one day get close to three quarters of a ton.

Sadly, Knut was rejected by his mother at birth, but these cubs are getting all the attention they need from their mum, who kept a close eye on them. Zoo keeper Petra Fritz said: 'Vera is taking to motherhood very well and the cubs are in excellent health. They are are just like her - bold and adventurous. They are just so sweet.'

The keepers at Nuremburg Zoo are very proud of their latest attraction - and who can blame them?

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