Meet a real sheep dog: Ewe gives birth to a puppy in China!

A sheep has seemingly given birth to a puppy instead of a lamb in China.

The male 'sheep puppy' is 20cm long, and has a woolly coat like a sheep, but all his other features - including mouth, nose, ears, eyes, paws and tail - are identical to a dog.

And not only does it look like a dog, it's actions, posture and behaviour are reportedly also puppy-like.

The sheep farmer claimed he found the 'sheep puppy' at around 4pm on 15 March.

'I was herding the sheep and by chance saw a sheep licking her newborn lamb on the grassland. The lamb was still wet.'

So the sheep puppy didn't freeze to death in the wild, Liu took it home.

Liu said the mother is a two-year-old sheep and, since this was the first time the mother sheep had given birth and the lamb looked odd to say the least, it refused to feed her baby.

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