BMW M3 pickup: an early April Fool's joke or new niche?

BMW has sent ripples of terror through the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide in the past week as pictures have emerged of an M3 pickup doing a spot of testing at the Nurburgring.

A number of theories have been thrown up in the air, from twisted custom coachbuilder to early April Fool's Day project.
To add fuel to the fire the pickup has been kitted out with the 'official' BMW seal of approval in the form of the swirly disguise stickers the firm uses on its more mundane affairs to keep prying photographers at bay.

The reality is less terrifying, but slightly more intriguing – it seems the M3 pickup is a lunchtime project for M Division engineers.

It turns out the industrious German automotive magicians get itchy spanners and like to do a spot of Imagineering with an oxy-acetylene torch and welding kit.

There are no plans for the M3 pickup to be put into production, but then this is how the Z3 M Coupe came to be...

Those spoilsports at Auto Motor und Sport in Germany have disabled embedding, but there's a snippet of the M3 truck in action here.
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