Game review: Moto GP 10/11

With the likes of Gran Turismo 5, F1 2010 and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit kicking around in recent months, the four-wheel racing gamer has been well catered for.

Bike fans may feel themselves a little left behind, but now, with the 2011 Moto GP season almost upon us, there is at last something to while away the evenings between race weekends – Moto GP 10/11.
The game promises to be "the most authentic and realistic MotoGP experience of the series," and allows vast levels of attention to detail in terms of tinkering with your bike and the how it handles.

From the start it is apparent that is where the developers have put their efforts. There is no flashy home screen in the form of Gran Turismo 5, and no interactive paddock area as in F1 2010. It seems basic, functional, and is easy to navigate.

Beginners are given a lot of help when you head out onto the track for the first time, but anyone who is completely new to the idea of bike racing would do well to head straight for the career mode. As there is no training section that eases you into the world of Moto GP, one off races and time trials are daunting places to start.

That said there are plenty of assists from the computer, which will aid your braking, tucking in on the straights to help you gain speed, cornering and your racing line. The racing line is even coloured to indicate whether your speed is too fast or not, although by the time the green line turns to a warning red one, it is often too late to make the corner at a perfect angle.

Practice will help you get the hang of the bike though, and thankfully the early races in easy mode are also populated with lesser riders, so even novices should be able to avoid finishing at the back of the pack so long as you stay on the bike.

As with many racing games, Moto GP 10/11 will need commitment if you are to improve, but the in-game graphics and gameplay will reward that dedication. The lack of engaging welcome screen, and slightly tricky controls might put off novice gamers or non-MotoGP fans, but for the enthusiast, this may be the game they have been waiting for.
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