Video: Ford's new spokesman Doug chats up 'Pretty Pants' reporter

Puppets in adverts are nothing new – think Flat Eric, PG Tips' Monkey and the Vauxhall Corsa 'C'mon' gang – but I'm pretty sure they never said "Can I smell your fingers?" on air.

Well, puppets are exactly what Ford has turned to as it looks to make its new Focus rather more exciting than a family hatchback owners club meeting in a supermarket car park.
Let's face it, if you're in the market for a Ford Focus hatchback – and this isn't the RS, ST or even the new rock hard Titanium version – you're probably on the look-out for a sensible motor and certainly not anticipating some salesman hitting on you at the earliest opportunity.

Step forward Doug, the new viral, or possibly virile, statesman for Ford in the States. He's been thrust into the social media world of YouTube, Twitter, and soon Facebook to promote the new 2012 Focus.

And he's a bit of a one, if truth be told. Ford has done its job and given him some 'previous', thanks to an early YouTube video of him thwarting a store robbery. Following that video success – 400,000 views and counting – new clips of Doug have appeared including the press conference featuring the reporter he calls 'Pretty Pants'.

The ads are funny, edgy and yes, they actually do make you look at the car; Ford may have just hit the nail on the head. And no Doug, that's not a euphemism.

Watch Doug in action in the videos below.

"I'll call you Pretty Pants"

"Anyone like to smell my fingers?"

"Windshield wipers - not a euphemism!"

And where it all began
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