For sale: Bugatti Veyron, slight water damage, spares or repair

One of the most famous Bugatti Veyrons in the world is up for sale in the US – although you probably won't want to buy this one.

The £1m hypercar gained world recognition in 2008 after its owner Andy House drove it into a lake near Galveston, Texas and completely wiped out its value in the space of five metres due to a 'low-flying pelican' that, he says, distracted him.
Having spent two years drying out, however, a US insurance salvage company now has the Veyron up for sale on its auction website.

The intense irony can't be lost on original owner House - he caused more than a few added chuckles to the story in 2008 when it emerged he runs a business restoring damaged luxury cars. Obviously this was a bridge too far for him.

There are various pictures of rust and damage on the car – which still has its airbrake deployed in the 'help I'm driving into a lake' position – but precious few details on the state of it.

It doesn't even come with keys, but there was probably very little chance of getting it going again anyway – House left the Bugatti's door wide open and the engine running for 15 minutes until the car finally succumbed to the lake.

We can't think of many uses for a beaten up hypercar which smells like a pond – if you're prepared to pay £1m for a runaround you're fairly likely to use brand new manufacturer spare parts, although the Veyron might make a nice talking point as a large garden ornament.

It is of course a ripe opportunity to have a look at the original incident, which was rather fortunately captured by a vanload of passing dunces - listen out for the moment halfway through the first video where someone says they've spotted a Lamborghini.

There is a spot of fruity language on the first video – understandable when you're watching a million pound Veyron driving into a lake at 70mph, but make sure the speakers aren't turned up too loud.

Click below to watch the carnage and subsequent rescue.

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