Danielle Lineker dresses as sexy air hostess for new Easyjet campaign

Ruth Doherty

Danielle Lineker turned up the cool March temperatures this weekend when she donned a bright orange minidress to promote the new partnership between Easyjet and Sainsbury's Nectar.

Gary Lineker's wife dressed as a sexy air hostess in Easyjet's signature zesty orange, and was joined by a host of pretend holidaymakers wearing swimwear and clutching beach inflatables to promote the fact that, from the end of March, Nectar card holders will be able to use their points to pay for flights with Easyjet.

Some critics might question why Danielle still does such modelling jobs when she's married to a rich ex-footballer.

Even Gary suggests she doesn't have to - but Danielle insists she's no WAG.

The model told the Daily Mail: 'Gary said to me this morning: 'You could have such an easy life. You don't have to put yourself through this.

'But I'm a working-class girl, and once it's drummed into you that if you want things, you work for them, it sticks with you.'

And we're sure Easyjet are very grateful for her admirable work ethic!

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