Northern Ireland has the most expensive fuel

According to figures released by the AA, Northern Ireland remains the most expensive region in the UK for petrol.

The AA found that the average price for petrol is 133.8p per litre, but further pain is inflicted on diesel car owners as it's also the most expensive at 139.7p per litre.
Drivers who are expected to pay up to 5p per litre more with changes in fuel duty coming into effect on 1 April, have already suffered a price surge over the past month.

According to the AA, the Government is enjoying an extra 2.18p a litre from petrol and 2.92p from diesel, following the VAT increase at the start of the year.

This is even after a rallying stock market and the instability in the Middle East which have already boosted oil prices, bringing in substantial additional income for the Government – £1.34 million extra a day from petrol sales alone.

"With many drivers already forced to cut back on car use and petrol sales down by at least 3.4%, the fuel duty increase will not only push more drivers into road fuel poverty but undermine fuel duty revenue", says Edmund King, the AA's president.
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