Hague spent £275,000 taxpayers money on private jet flights

Foreign Secretary William Hague spent £275,000 on flights on a trip to North Africa and the Middle East in February, according to a report in the Daily Mirror today.

As people across Britain are preparing themselves for the consequences of savage public sector cuts, the minister paid £113,000 for a private jet and a further £162,000 for an RAF plane, to fly him between Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, says the report.

The spending spree was uncovered by Lord Sugar, using freedom of information laws, after he spotted Mr Hague being interviewed on a private jet.

Acknowledging that ministers have a job to do, Lord Sugar pointed out, however, that all the destinations on the trip were accessible using commercial flights. And the report claims that such flights would have cost the taxpayer just £5,000.

The Foreign Office, defending Mr Hague's travel expenses, was quoted in the Daily Mirror, saying, 'We avoid using charter flights wherever possible.'

Pictured: William Hague speaking at the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

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