Where are the UK's biggest hagglers?

The British do have some funny traits don't they? We love to queue, we can't possibly talk to each other on public transport, and haggling - the thought of it is horrifying to most of us.

But some new research has found that we waste a massive £8 billion by not being brave enough to barter.

The research, from the free online shopping tool InvisibleHand, found that over three-quarters of us are too shy, too posh, or too afraid to haggle for a better price.

Some 21 percent admit to being too scared to try to strike a deal, while 30 percent are worried about how acceptable it would be to haggle in the shops they like. Incredibly almost a quarter don't think it's worth haggling.

Despite feeling the pinch, only 24 percent of us are prepared to bargain for a better price and those who did saved themselves on average £220 last year - about £12 a time, just by asking. Those who didn't are potentially wasting over £8 billion a year.

It turns out that men are twice as bullish as women when it comes to haggling with 34 percent prepared to ask for a reduction compared with just 15 percent of women. Haggling is also more likely to take place on high streets in Northern Ireland where almost a third of shoppers haggle over price.

Haggling habits also differ between the ages – 36 percent of shoppers aged between 45 – 54 years old and 39 percent of those aged 55 or over are more than happy to strike a bargain at the shops, compared with a considerably lower 19 percent of 25-34 year olds.

Robin Landy, founder of InvisibleHand, says: "Despite the last few years of recession and uncertainty, Brits are still too shy, too posh or too afraid to haggle for a better price. As a result they are losing out and paying far more than they need to for the things they buy. But while most are too bashful to ask for a discount or reduction, shopping online can save shoppers' blushes by making it easier to shop around for a better deal. If you're too embarrassed to haggle then this is the next best way to ensure you are not paying over the odds."

Top Haggling Spots

The percentage of people who haggle in each location:

1. Northern Ireland - 32%
2. North East - 31%
3. West Midlands - 30%
4. South East - 28%
5. East Midlands - 26%
6. South West - 24%
7. Wales - 24%
8. London - 23%
9. North West - 23%
10. Yorkshire and the Humber - 21%
11. Scotland - 20%
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