Mercedes F1 car laid bare in new art installation

We're constantly reminded that Formula One is the most advanced, richest sport in the world, run on a black magic mixture of boffin expertise, cutting edge engineering and supreme driver reflex.

However, the vast majority of the effort that goes into the producing each team's car remains hidden beneath the sponsor-splattered bodywork.
Well, in an effort to further wow the punter with the weight of their mechanical brilliance, Mercedes has constructed a new (well, Honda have done it before, but no matter) art installation at their museum in Surrey which utterly deconstructs one of their F1 cars.

All 3200 components which make up the racing machine have been suspended from the ceiling in an 'exploded' view of the car.

We haven't seen the display in person yet, but from the pictures it looks like the technological equivalent of seeing an MRI scan of Lewis Hamilton's brain. Mid corner.

Or as Mercedes-Benz puts it: "The structure combines engineering and sculpture. As a picture it would be attractive but as a physical entity it displays a Formula One car in the most visually stunning, innovative and exciting way imaginable."

Indeed. If you fancy a peek at almost 300,000 man hours of painstaking work, get yourself down to Mercedes-Benz World pronto.
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