Corrie's back at the seaside - and plot puts Blackpool on the map

Coronation Street is heading to Blackpool for location filming, and tourism bosses have - albeit cautiously - said it's the kind of publicity that 'money can't buy'.

Blackpool has been a favourite location for the soap, with some of the most memorable story-lines being filmed there - Alan Bradley's death under a tram, little Simon Barlow going missing in the care of his grandparents, and Tyrone Dobbs proposal to Maria were all filmed at the resort.

The latest location-filming will centre around Rovers Return landlord Steve McDonald and his former-partner Tracy Barlow (pictured) taking their daughter Amy to Blackpool for a day out, resulting in the little girl getting lost. The tourist office admits the story-line could mean that not all the publicity is positive:

Claire Smith, of StayBlackpool, said: 'One half of me thinks any publicity is good publicity, but the other half of me thinks why do they keep losing children? I think it gives the wrong impression, especially when we are trying to create a family friendly image.'

However, Councillor Maxine Callow, cabinet member for tourism and regeneration on Blackpool Council thinks it's a great opportunity to put the town on the map:

'It's the sort of publicity we could never ever buy as a council,' she said, adding, 'Coronation Street have been very good servants to Blackpool over the years and this is wonderful free publicity for the town. If it's showing some wonderful shots of Blackpool, the new Promenade and The Tower it will be fantastic. If they've got this (lost child) storyline it's not just because they are in Blackpool, they could re-write it and put it anywhere.'

Head of VisitBlackpool Natalie Wyatt agreed, saying: 'We work very closely with the writers from Coronation Street, trying to where possible influence the storyline. At the end of the day it's not real-life, it's a soap and we've no control over them. The fact they are using Blackpool we see as a positive.'

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