Video: Man hires gang to smash his Lamborghini

If ever someone struggles to understand the phrase "cutting off your nose to spite your face" then show them these pictures.

A Chinese businessman decided that the best way to protest about perceived shoddy work on his Lamborghini Gallardo was to hire a gang to smash it up in front of a crowded street.
It gets more staggering when you think that the car would cost around £160,000 in the UK, but a whopping reported £465,000 in China.

Apparently the car refused to start on 29 November, and Lamborghini Qingdao recovered it. But in the process of attempting to fix the problem (which they failed to do) they also damaged the bumper and the chassis.

The millionaire owner, a Mr Han, wrote to Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkelmann to complain, and also contacted Lamborghini China's HQ, the service-manager for Asia-Pacific and the Volkswagen Group.

So as an act of protest he set up this elaborate stunt, complete with nine workers with sledgehammers, a film crew and one poor Gallardo. He even has a little go himself at one point. Seems silly - if you have that much money to throw around why waste your energy on manual labour?

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