Ferrari FF configurator goes live

We've already had to sit through months of relentless teasing by Ferrari before we could have a good look at the new FF, but thankfully from today we can start planning what ours is going to look like - lottery win depending.

After much consideration and internal debate, we have already narrowed down the exterior colour to a highly original Rosso Scuderia, which, despite being one of 44 colours available is the only real choice.
The chrome grille and sport exhaust pipes might be a question of taste, but when it comes to a car like this you might as well tick all the boxes unless the budget is limited - in which case perhaps you should trade down to something less exotic, like a Mercedes SL.

That's because option list profiteering doesn't even stop at these hallowed heights of the automotive world - you'll even find that the little Ferrari badges below the A-pillar and a rear windscreen wiper are cost options.

The front lifter to get that sacred (and probably horrifyingly expensive) splitter clear of malicious speed bumps will be a must, as are the front and rear parking cameras and sensors to make sure you don't leave any Rosso Scuderia on low-lying walls.

The interior is where it can all go horrible wrong - we've gone for a tasteful contrasting tan leather and black Alcantara setup, with some red stitching to mix it all up a bit. The Daytona-inspired electric ventilated seats look pretty comfortable too, but it's quite fortunate the prices aren't listed on the configurator because we would likely weep.

There's a very important decision to be made between the specially-made luggage set and an emergency wheel kit in the boot as for some reason Ferrari won't let you have both. If we could afford a Ferrari FF we wouldn't dream of getting our hands dirty changing a wheel, so the luggage set it is.

In case we do have to spend any time waiting for a roadside recovery service there's an upgraded sound system and TV setup available to keep you distracted.

The FF certainly looks set to be an extraordinarily fun car - the 3.7 second 0-60mph dash and 650bhp aside, you could spend hours just deciding what yours is going to look like.

At least, you'd better hope it keeps you amused - there's already an 18-month waiting list on the car.
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