Elle Macpherson takes her 'manny' on holiday

How lucky is Mike Tanner? Most men would give their left leg to on holiday with Elle Macpherson - but he actually gets paid to.

Why? Because he's her male nanny, or manny, as they've become known.

His duties, apart from lazing on the beach with Elle, include teaching her sons Flynn, 13, and eight-year-old Cy to surf, and carrying the bags for the family.

The pair, who are currently in Elle's native Sydney, are so at ease in each other's company, that some have speculated they're an item.

But a source laughed this off, telling the Sunday Mirror: 'I think Mike and Elle would find the rumours hilarious. He's been on her household staff for years. He takes the boys surfing and to the park and carries the bags when they travel.'

Plus, the New Zealander also has a live-in girlfriend in London.

Elle isn't the only star who's recently been favouring the manny over the nanny: Britney Spears, Madonna and Keeley Hawes also have one.

A spokesman for My Big Buddy, which is London's first registered agency dedicated to male nannies and has been running for five years, said: 'People generally like to have men because they bring a energetic, outdoorsy atmosphere to the house.

'I think that mannies generally work best with boys and girls aged five and over but of course it is down to each family.'

We certainly wouldn't mind having a buff manny around to help us with our shopping!

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