Top Gear's Hamster puts Morgan up for sale for £100k

It's one of the rarest British sports car around and you could be sitting in the very seat in which a top BBC presenter has parked his backside for the past two years - so long as you've got £100k to spare.

Top Gear's Richard Hammond has decided it's time to part company with his Morgan Aeromax, one of only six right-hand versions of the car and with just 3,500 miles on the clock from new.
Only 100 of the Aeromax were made making Hammond's right-hander one of the most exclusive supercars on the road. Packing a 4.4-litre BMW engine with 325bhp, the Aeromax can scamper from 0 to 62mph in 4.5 seconds while top speed is an eye-watering 180mph. When the model was announced back in 2006, all 100 cars quickly sold out.

The sale is being handled by Mole Valley Specialist Cars, whose owner John Heywood said: "The Morgan Aeromax is one of those cars that passersby give the thumbs up to.

"It's very rare, very fast and sounds like a spitfire - and it comes with one previous infamous owner."

We're not sure what Hammond's will do with the proceeds but we're assuming they won't be going to any 'feckless Mexicans'.
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