Barrichello: We will see accidents

The rear wing flaps down, the car accelerates and the crowd cheer a successful overtaking manoeuvre. The theory behind the new adjustable rear wing is relatively simple.

But Formula One doesn't 'do' simple and the theories are overhauled quicker than the poor guy in front of the wing-adjusting pursuer.
"Hopefully we'll get more explanation on how the rear wing is supposed to work," says GP veteran Rubens Barrichello.

The Brazilian is concerned that some drivers will push the new rule to the limit and put themselves in danger.

"The idea behind the rear wing is primarily to facilitate overtaking on the straight," he explains.

Therefore the regulations allow its use only in certain places on the course - namely, the longest straights. In practice and qualifying, it is entirely a matter for the driver to decide and Barrichello sees a huge risk: "It works like an F duct: if you press the button on every turn, it could end in a nightmare."

The reason is not hard to understand: "The drivers are tempted to set the wing too flat on fast corners. That's when we'll see accidents. It's a lottery."
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