Jenson Button's girlfriend safe in devastated Japan

A relieved Jenson Button has tweeted to his fans that his girlfriend, Jessica Michibata, was safe after she was caught up in Friday's devastating earthquake that shook Japan.

Hundreds of people are already confirmed dead after the 8.9-magnitude quake struck off the north-east coast of the country causing a huge tsunami to reap destruction through towns and villages.
The Formula One driver tweeted that his lingerie model girlfriend, who is originally from Fukui prefecture on the northern coast, was "ok, just a bit shook up."

She also tweeted to her followers, saying she was fine but admitting the whole experience had been "scary stuff".

"I was in a basement studio," the 26-year-old said, adding, "Had to run the stairs so fast 2 get out of the building."

She also described the traffic chaos as she tried to get home to reach her family who were fortunately all ok when she caught up with them later on that day.
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