What secret name does Kim Kardashian use in hotels?

Ruth Doherty

She stays in some of the most exclusive hotels in the world - but what secret name name does Kim Kardashian use when she checks in?

It looks like the star got inspiration from Disney, as, according to the nypost.com, she likes to call herself Princess Jasmine when she travels.

Kim loves the character so much, she even dressed up as her for a Halloween party back in 2009.

Lindsay Lohan, meanwhile, reportedly likes to call herself Linda Lovelace when she checks in at hotels - the name of the porn star character she was set to play in the movie biopic Inferno. The role eventually went to Malin Akerman, instead, but she still likes to use it.

If you were famous, what name would you use to keep your identity a secret? Let us know below!

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