Virgin pays out £300,000 to masseuses over RSI claims

Ruth Doherty

Two beauty therapists who sued Virgin Atlantic after developing chronic muscle pain giving massages to first class passengers have been awarded a total of £300,000 in compensation at the High Court.

Jayne Evans, 40, and Michelle Hindmarch, 35, both developed repetitive strain injury after administering intensive shiatsu pressure massages at the airline's Heathrow lounge.

The women's lawyer, Theodore Huckle, told the court the women were forced to abandon their 'cherished' careers, and that the damage interfered with everyday chores, like peeling carrots, and 'taking the Sunday roast out of the oven'.

Mrs Evans was awarded £230,972 in damages, and still works for Virgin on the administrative side, while Mrs Hindmarch received £69, 458, and no longer works for Virgin.

The court was also told that the women's customers were always men who required heavier hand and finger pressure.

Mrs Hindmarch also claimed there were insufficient breaks between long therapy sessions.

Virgin Atlantic did not dispute liability for the women's injuries but contested the amount of compensation due to them and the extent of their disabilities.

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