Video: I love the smell of Ferrari in the morning

Ferrari is so revered in Italy that it's not unusual for the brand to be given special treatment, even from the authorities. So when the supercar brand decided to hold the press launch for its new FF at an inaccessible ski resort, all it took was a phone call to the air force to secure publicity-friendly transport.

And we're not just talking about a Chinook, either. The dual-rotor monster might have had the precious FF in its belly, but the Italian air force deemed the mission important enough to deploy three Augusta helicopters as well.

Film fans may recognise the smaller choppers from the set of almost every Vietnam movie ever made. The Augusta 205 is in fact the Italian version of the iconic Huey, and that fact gives this video an even more surreal, Apocalypse-Now-in-the-snow feel.

Click below to enjoy the madness.

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