Spiritual retreats in the UK

Caroline Cassidy

There is little doubt that the hectic pace of our busy lives causes stress and even the most frantic among us need a little time out for quiet thought every now and again.

spiritual retreats
spiritual retreats

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If your blood pressure is rising or you are searching for a new path in life, try one of these UK spiritual retreats.

Ampleforth, Yorkshire
Set within a Benedictine monastery, Ampleforth is both a school and a retreat centre. The centre offers a variety of courses throughout the year - popular are the beach prayer walks, In Vino Veritas, which combine wine-tasting with Bible study and Tai Chi and Christian Meditation days. Services are open to all.

Holy Isle, Scotland
This remote island just off the Isle of Arran is the home of the Centre for World Peace and Health. Run by a Tibetan Buddhist meditation master, courses run throughout the year with several catering for beginners.

Breakthrough Retreats, Cornwall
Led by psychotherapist Maureen Courtney, this secluded countryside retreat provides personalised retreat packages that help visitors identify the issues and behaviour patterns that trouble them. A variety of techniques, including hypnosis, anger release and visualisations, are employed to relieve depression and anxiety and leave you energised, confident and focused.

Tilton House, East Sussex
Offering weekend retreats covering a wide range of courses such as yoga, pilates, voice coaching, reading and creative writing courses, this charming centre is set within five acres of gardens and situated on the South Downs - the perfect place to blow the cobwebs away.

Primordial Sound Meditation, Leicestershire
Developed by Dr Deepak Chopra, Primordial Sound Meditation involves listening to the vibrations of nature, from the audible to the silent. Following an introduction to the basic principles, each visitor receives their own personal mantra and private instruction on meditation. With practice, many find a renewed energy and focus, deeper self-awareness and an inner stillness.

Lake Isle Retreats, Ireland
Specialising in meditation and yoga retreats, this Hare Krishna community also offer vegetarian cookery workshops on the 22-acre island of Inis Rath. Let the fully sustainable lifestyle and eco-friendly community revive, relax and re-energise you.

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